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Installation Concept + Design

Creative Direction

In collaboration with:
Creative Agency: do epic sh*t
Production: Little Big Productions
Work is copyright of Timberland


As part of their first steps into becoming a more sustainable brand, Timberland created Rebotl, a pair of shoes made entirely out if repurposed plastic bottles. To launch the initiative in the Middle East and drive the impact of our everyday plastic use home, a giant wave made of a year's worth of plastic was housed inside a secret warehouse.

In partnership with local environmental agency, Bee’ah,  plastic from prominent influencers from around the region

was collected. They had no idea what it was for.

On a night a few weeks after the plastic was collected, the influencers were driven to the warehouse, where one by one, they walked in to find themselves faced with the actual amount of plastic they use in a week, and then, a year.

The shock had a ripple effect. The influencers shared their experience with the audience and the installation went viral.

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